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Wooden Pressure Treated Acorn Finials


Wooden acorn finials for fence posts. Available in 2 sizes.



Our range of wooden finials for fence posts are made from quality softwood timber and are been fully pressure treated. This treatment helps to protect the timber against rotting in the elements. This example has been shaped into an acorn, making a wonderful focal point to the top of each post. They come supplied with a double-ended screw for fixing, and a square post cap to sit underneath the acorn itself.

Before fixing the cap down onto the post, it is highly recommended that you pre-drill it first to help prevent the timber from splitting. Each post cap is slightly wider than the post it is designed to fit onto, so there is an over-hang.

It is fine to paint the finial with fence paint or similar treatment if required.

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for 75mm post, for 100mm post


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