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Wooden Mid-Acorn Finial to fit 100mm Fence Post


Beautifully sculpted into a stylish acorn shape, this wooden fence post finial is pressure treated to protect against rot and comes complete with the square cap and a double ended screw to secure it together.

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The wooden acorn post cap finial has been manufactured from pressure treated spruce timber. It’s then sculpted into a beautiful ‘mid-acorn’ shape. It’s supplied complete with a square wooden treated post cap (approx 120mm across) for the acorn to sit on. We’ll also send you a double ended screw to secure the 2 together. You will need to use some normal screws to fix the square cap onto the post top.


When fixing the finial to the top of the fence, first secure the square wooden cap using screws (not supplied). When fixing the cap down it is necessary to use a small drill bit to ‘pilot’ a guide hole before screwing. This will help prevent the cap from splitting when the screw is driven through the timber. This is especially important in hot weather when the timber can harden and develop small cracks in the surface. Once the cap is secured, pilot drill another hole in the cap. Another should be drilled the center of the base of the Acorn to take the double ended screw. You should then wind the screw into the base of the acorn to about half it’s length (a pair of pliers or similar is good for this. Be extra careful not to damage the thread when using grips. The final step is to screw the acorn. Simply twist it into the pre-drilled hole on the post cap until it is resting flush against the cap.

We stock a great range of post caps and decorative fence post finials, including this wooden acorn post cap. Our full range is viewed by clicking the products tab at the top of the page. There are other variations of the acorn shape available within our range of decorative wooden finials, both treated and untreated, as well as metal finials.


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