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Pressure Treated Post Cap – fits 100mm x 75mm post


Softwood post cap which has been pressure treated to protect against rot and decay.

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Quality wooden fence post caps to fit onto a 100 x 75mm post (4”x 3”approx). A post cap not only gives a nice finish to the fence post, but will also stop rain from sitting on the post and starting to rot the post. The rotting process on a treated fence post isn’t something that happens quickly of course, but over years the water will eventually penetrate the treatment and begin to rot the wood.

  • Pressure treated
  • Spruce
  • 120 x 125mm (actual size)

We can supply a whole range of different post caps and finials, both metal and wooden. We will send to most parts of the UK. As well as wooden fence post caps, we can also supply customers in our local area with quality fence panels and other fencing materials from our busy showroom and timber yard in Buckinghamshire.


Installation of fence post caps is a relatively simple process. It is however worth just bearing a few things in mind when doing so. When fitting post caps, it is advisable to pre-drill a pilot hole before screwing. This will help prevent the cap from splitting. This is especially important in hot weather when the wood can harden in the sun, and is far more likely to split.

It’s a good idea to avoid using a single screw or nail to fix the cap down. The reason for this again comes down to the weather. In warmer weather, moisture can be pulled out of the wood and the timber could ‘move’. The cap can begin to curl up the edges, looking unsightly. In all honesty, it is fairly common practice for people to secure post caps with a single screw or nail. However, in a ideal world a minimum of 2 fixings would be used, but preferably 4. Each one should be placed at the furthest point from the center of the cap possible whilst still penetrating the fence post. This will help to ensure any movement in the timber is kept to a minimum.


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