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Wooden Bishop Untreated Fence Top to fit 75mm Post


This decorative bishop finial is shaped from quality softwood and will make the perfect topper for your 75mm fence post.

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This fence top shape is referred to as the ‘bishop’ and remains a popular shape in our range. It comes complete with both a cap and fixing screw.

Whether you are fitting new, or are looking for something to liven up your existing fence, fence post caps and finials are the perfect way to add some extra interest to the top of your garden. This Bishop is untreated and is ready to take treatment. We can supply many different designs, from acorns to balls and pyramid designs. In addition to our range of wooden, we can also supply metal balls and pyramid caps.

Please note, this finial isn’t suitable to be left untreated outside, as the timber will rot in the elements. It is also a good idea once treated, to re-treat every year or 2 as required. Even pressure treated timber will eventually begin to rot due to water penetrating the surface treatment. Although this will in most cases take years to take effect, it is still a very real problem to be aware of. Re-treating means a fresh layer of treatment is added and the penetrating process must restart each time. This will allow your fence to last longer and look fresh each time.

Installing the Bishop Fence Top

Begin by drilling a hole in the center of the square post cap which sits under the main finial. Then do the same into the centre of the existing fence post. After this, proceed to drill a hole a little way into the underside of the bishop. This will be a pilot hole for the double ended screw which is supplied with your new finial. At least 2 further pilot holes should be drilled into the square cap to enable the cap to be securely screwed down before installing the finial (extra screws not supplied). Then carefully fit the double screw into the bottom of the finial (wind it about halfway in). Finally screw the finial down on the cap. Make sure it sits flush, central and securely.

This finial is also available in treated softwood timber.


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