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Wooden Acorn Finial – Untreated


Untreated decorative fence post finial in the popular acorn design.



These untreated wooden acorns for fence posts are ready to take fence paint or timber treatment. The stylish acorn finials are shaped out of softwood. They come supplied with a square cap and a screw (double ended to fix the finial to the cap). The acorn continues to be a popular shape in our range, and adds a nice top to your post. Because this is an untreated cap, it is essential that a treatment is applied to the cap and finial to protect against rotting. The cap and finial should be treated separately before installing them. This is done to make sure that the protective treatment covers all of the wood thoroughly.


Once both the cap and the finial have been treated and the treatment has dried follow these steps for installation. It is best to ensure that when installing the caps, a hole is pre-drilled prior to screwing to avoid splitting the wood. The cap should be pre drilled and secured to the fence post first with at least 2 screws (not supplied). Ensure the cap is firmly fixed and free from movement. Once this is done, pre-drill a single hole in the middle of the cap and the underside of the finial. The double ended screw (supplied) can then be inserted into the bottom of the acorn. A pair of grips or pliers etc are good for this, making sure not to damage the thread of the screw. Once the double ended screw is wound approximately half way into the finial, simply wind the finial down onto the pre-drilled cap until it sits flush with the top of the post cap.

  • Available in  2 sizes (please select from the drop-down menu)
  • Untreated softwood
  • Acorn design
  • Cap and double ended screw included
  • wooden acorns for fence posts

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for 75mm post, for 100mm post


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